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Cleaning Products and Homeware testing

SATRA’s cleaning products testing includes performance against product specification, comparison between cleaning products, profiling of cleaning product using standard soilings, evaluation of cleaning product interaction with other materials. Tests and reports can be tailored to a company’s specific needs, and our cleaning products testing service can help provide authority for on-pack claims. SATRA is also able to carry out testing for performance as required for the Eco Label Flower Award on laundry, dishwasher products and hard surface cleaners.

Domestic and commercial laundry products

We help with detergent product testing both for manufacturers and retailers, often to verify claims at point of sale. We are frequently called in to assess detergent development samples or, in the case of a retailer, it might be to evaluate a prospective suppliers’ product. Such testing can be performed on domestic and commercial laundry products. Main wash detergent efficiency is evaluated by comparing the performance of one product against another across a range of different staining cloths, usually a minimum of seven stains across several separate wash cycles, and as many as 100 or more different stains based on domestic soils and foodstuffs. Trials of other wash products, including pre-wash, de-staining products, fabric conditions and softeners, and steam iron additives can also be undertaken.

Hard surface cleaning

SATRA has facilities to carry out tableware and crockery cleaning tests on hand and machine dish-wash products in all forms, e.g. liquid and powder. Equipment includes a semi-automatic plate washing machine used to test the cleaning efficiency of liquid detergents, often using mini-plates pre-stained with dyed lard. An examination of the wash liquor in the plate washing vessel is also made to determine when foam height collapse takes place and the number of grease-free plates produced. Machine dish-wash testing is carried out in a range of commercial dish-washing machines. The efficiency of ceramic cleaners, water hardness regulators, glass cleaners and rinse aids is routinely carried out. Evaluations are based on the efficiency of products when tested against specially prepared pre-stained crockery or standard stained test tiles. SATRA also offers a variety of tests to evaluate other hard surface cleaning products. The focus is on scrub testing of bathroom, oven, glass and kitchen cleaners. Scrub tests are carried out on pre-prepared enamelled or acrylic resin plates, that can be treated with a variety of agents such as bath soil, soap scum, oven, cooker top or nicotine stains. We also evaluate lime scale removers and cleaners in kitchen and toilet cleaning products, using marble powder and marble cubes as a means of determining how well they dissolve away deposits left by hard water.

Carpet, upholstery and other cleaning products

We can evaluate, benchmark and carry out development and research on a wide range of other cleaning products. These include wood and leather cleaners, and household metal polishes or products for the car enthusiast, for example. However, we are often asked to examine the cleaning efficiency of carpet and upholstery cleaning products. These are normally assessed against stains that are applied directly to the floor or furniture coverings. The choice of stains will reflect the intended usage of the floor or furniture covering, e.g. residential homes, care homes, public areas and general domestic cleaners.

Homeware testing

SATRA conducts a wide range of homeware product testing to ensure that it is safe to use and fit for purpose. We also evaluate to ensure product conforms to any retail performance specifications, and meets product liability, environmental and other current legislation.

Candle testing

Included in our facilities are laboratory areas replicating areas of the home, and a dedicated purpose-built candle laboratory that has its own air flow and temperature control. As well as testing the safety of all types of candles and candleholders, the candle laboratory measures candle burn performance and smokiness. SATRA is considered one of the leading experts on candle testing and candle safety in the world.