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Global Foot Dimensions

SATRA’s Global Foot Dimensions report is the culmination of a four-year research project utilising 3D scanning technology to capture and assess thousands of feet in different regions across the globe.

SATRA has performed a significant number of foot surveys periodically since its establishment in 1919, and provided numerous articles informing and assisting the industry on foot sizing and footwear fitting and grading guidelines.

Over the period 2012-2016, SATRA conducted a substantial foot dimensions survey. The survey began as an exercise to determine the characteristics of modern feet in key geographical areas. The project was conducted in three global regions: UK, USA and China. These regions were chosen predominantly because many SATRA member companies are manufacturing products for these important markets.

The collated results of this most recent survey are now available in the form of a 300-page printed and bound report exclusively for SATRA members initially. If you are not a SATRA member but are interested in membership please visit our member benefits page.

SATRA’s Global Foot Dimensions report aims to provide a core understanding of modern foot shape and highlights some of the differences present between a number of demographics. It is hoped that the openness and systematic explanation of the subject matter will become a benchmark for the industry for years to come, enabling manufacturers of footwear to offer a greater degree of fit and comfort to the end customer.

The report disseminates a series of fundamental foot dimension statistics, including foot breadth, joint girth and instep girth, and aims to update the industry’s understanding of foot shape and sizing. Having found the probability distributions for the data and assessed it for how good the fit is against the ideal normal distribution, it is possible to check the percentage of the population that footwear will accommodate. This is an extremely useful statistic, both for calculating manufacturing numbers and optimising stock. For example, offering a large range of UK sizes one through 11 in average (‘D’) fitting accommodates only 24.5 per cent of UK women, and requires 11 items in store. By offering a reduced shoe size range and increased width fitting range, such as UK sizes five to seven in fitting ‘C’ to ‘E’, the population coverage rises to 47 per cent with nine items in store.

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