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Health check for stitching operations

world class performance

26th February 2019

SATRA is to release a new version VisionStitch system later in 2019 designed to provide a full 'health check' of stitching operations.

SATRA's VisionStitch production efficiency system is designed to ensure that a manufacturer’s stitching machines are set up and used correctly. This system, when combined with SATRA’s comprehensive stitching training, improves all stitching operations and helps factory staff to become ‘world class’.

As a part of SATRA’s centenary celebrations, the 2019 edition of SATRA VisionStitch will be the most highly intuitive stitching system available including a number of advanced recording methods such as long duration recording and the splitting of recordings – which can be used to advise the system administrator on the best action to take in any given situation. In addition, the new SATRA VisionStitch will offer an interrogation mode for all automatic machines, extra information on results, and highlight ‘value-added’ and ‘non-value-added’ time.

The 2019 version of SATRA VisionStitch will be on display at the Indo Leather & Footwear EXPO in April. To arrange a meeting at the exhibition or to find out more about the new SATRA VisionStitch please email systems