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SATRA test consumables

The consumables used in testing can greatly affect the results. Ensuring reliable, accurate and repeatable testing relies on many factors, not least the quality of any reference materials or consumables associated with the test method. However, the importance of using appropriate, tightly specified and controlled reference standard materials is often overlooked or misunderstood. The use of a consumable can range from a ‘control’ material against which the performance of the test sample is compared, through to a material which is an integral part of the test machine or procedure.

SATRA is aware of poor quality or counterfeit reference materials being sold in many countries. The use of cheaper, non-compliant reference materials is a false economy: unreliable results could lead to good quality products being rejected or poor quality materials being passed. Both outcomes could be expensive for the manufacturer in terms of financial loss and damage to reputation.

SATRA consumables are manufactured to quality standards. Where applicable, they are checked and certified before despatch with relevant certificates supplied with each order. Purchasers of SATRA consumables can be confident that the materials they buy have benefitted from SATRA’s extensive research programme and our many years’ experience of test method and machine development, coupled with the experience of testing in our own laboratories.

We can supply a comprehensive list of consumables for a wide range of tests applicable to footwear, leathergoods, PPE, furniture, automotive and other products using leather, textile and rubber.