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Stitching Improvement Training

Correct stitching methods improve quality and increase profit

As part of the VisionStitch package, SATRA’s experts will help you to create a Stitching Improvement Team for your factory. Typically, the team will include quality control, industrial engineering/costing and lean manufacturing personnel, along with stitching supervisors, training school instructors and mechanics.

Your team can already visually assess the quality of stitching. With our training they discover how to adjust the workstation ergonomics, machine speed, working practices and machine maintenance, all of which can improve productivity and quality.

Understanding Machines

Your team will learn to understand the machines from top to bottom. They will be able to ensure that machines are correctly set up and maintained, operators are stitching in the most effective way and new equipment is correctly specified to maximise payback.

These changes put machine operators in full control of the machines. You will see reduced learning times for new stitching operations and faster, better training of new machine operators. Your business will benefit from improved quality and productivity.

SATRA will use the VisionStitch system at your factory, to prove that these benefits are real.

The Main Benefits

Typically, savings of around 15% in production time can be achieved while improving quality. Also to reduce the time taken to reach full production efficiency when introducing new products by around 33%.

There is a reduction in training time for new operators, who also perform to higher standards after training.

When purchasing new equipment, correct specifications can be laid down. This means that when the equipment arrives it is ready for use, and you get the maximum payback straight away. Improvements are immediate.