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SATRA announces China footwear seminar programme

A special series of SATRA technical seminars for the footwear industry is to be held in Dongguan.

These seminars will be held between the 7th and the 10th May 2013 at the offices of SATRA Technology Services (Dongguan) Ltd in Dongguan.

There will be a selection of all-day and half-day events. The half days will consist of morning sessions, running from 09.30-12.30 and afternoon sessions running from 13.30-16.30.

Day 1: Tuesday 7th May – for SATRA members only

All-day event: Children’s footwear safety and health requirements

This seminar will include presentations on:

Day 2: Wednesday 8th May

All-day event: REACH and restricted substances – open to both SATRA Members and Non-members

The European REACH legislation on chemicals affects all companies throughout the footwear supply chain. This seminar will give an overview and update of the legislation that companies have to meet when supplying materials or products to the European market.

This event will include presentations on:

Day 3: Thursday 9th May

Morning session: Slip resistance – for SATRA members only

This seminar will explain how slip accidents occur, how shoes and solings should be tested and how to reduce the risks with your footwear. It will include testing demonstrations in our laboratory.

Alternative morning session: Managing microbiological growth during transport and use – open to both SATRA Members and Non-members

Modern supply chains regularly involve long transits by ship to their final market, which can provide the opportunity for mould growth. In this seminar, we discuss the formation and control of mould, the impact that mould growth can have on products, and recommend suitable anti-microbial treatments.

Afternoon session: Outdoor, sports and other specialist footwear – for SATRA members only

An opportunity to learn how to keep footwear comfortable in sub-zero temperatures. We consider the materials and construction methods, as well as the specific requirements of sports and other specialist footwear, so that retailers and sports brands can be confident of levels of performance across a range of products.

Day 4: Friday 10th May

Morning session: Ethical sourcing and the environment – open to both SATRA Members and Non-members

Environmental issues and ethical sourcing are becoming more important for all footwear retailers. This seminar will look at all aspects of manufacturing and the impact these have on the environment as well as how to most effectively manage these.

Price (paid on arrival):
SATRA Members: RMB 100 per person (includes lunch and refreshments).
Non-SATRA Members: RMB 250 per person (includes lunch and refreshments).

How can we help?

Please e-mail to register and book your places, where you should list your delegates’ names.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 40 of the April 2013 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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