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SATRA VisionStitch 9 – efficiency updated

Highlighting the latest advancements in this powerful SATRA production efficiency system.

by Ray Wisken

Until recently, many Asian manufacturers preferred labour-based solutions when planning production. However, the rising cost of materials and labour has led to many companies looking at more sophisticated production efficiency systems, including those developed by SATRA.

One such production efficiency system that has been supplied by SATRA for many years is SATRA VisionStitch. This is a computer-based integrated training, operator and machine performance system which uses visual displays to enable optimisation of stitching machine settings, training of new operators and an improvement in the performance of experienced workers.


Trained operators can dramatically improve their stitching efficiency

This has been a great success when incorporated into the training school or used in production applications where a significant element of the manufacturing process involves sewing. Improvements in stitching efficiency of 15-20 per cent have been realised in some cases.

More recently, however, SATRA has developed and launched SATRA TimeLine – a footwear production planning tool based on established work study methods. SATRA TimeLine covers the whole of the production process, and SATRA VisionStitch has been adapted to integrate with this new system.

The latest version – SATRA VisionStitch 9 – can still be used independently, but it has also been updated and modified to draw the detailed stitching methods directly from SATRA TimeLine.

SATRA VisionStitch 9 integration

For any given sewing operation, the speed of operation completion is dependent upon the skill of the operator and the complexity of the stitch path. SATRA has studied the various shoemaking sewing operations, and the varying radius curves and straights encountered on all different stitched products have been defined for direct use in SATRA VisionStitch.


Concise information is presented by VisionStitch

SATRA VisionStitch accurately predicts the time needed for any stitching operation. The system can now also show a detailed list of motions needed for the optimum method, when coupled with the SATRA TimeLine system. This optimum method is displayed in SATRA TimeLine, to show what happens at each point in time, handling or stitching. When stitching, it will display the method and speed needed for the machine and operator.

SATRA VisionStitch has always been a good training tool, which SATRA has used to train many supervisors to a point where they are competent to train others and set sewing machines to the correct speed for the work operation. However, now that SATRA VisionStitch can be integrated with the SATRA TimeLine system to also show the predicted method, setting the speed of the machine correctly has become much easier. To help with this further, the predicted SATRA VisionStitch trace from SATRA TimeLine can be imported directly into a new SATRA VisionStitch 9 system. SATRA VisionStitch can then be used to record what the operators are doing and compare the predicted trace to the actual method and machine setup currently being used. If the operator hasn’t been able to achieve the predicted time the comparison will show the SATRA VisionStitch operator where the differences are and facilitate more specific training and supervision such that the machine speed and method can be quickly changed to that predicted. By doing this the operator will be better able to achieve the new time.

SATRA TimeLine times and methods have been developed over many years and are based on efficient manufacturing practices. If implemented, these should bring benefits in their own right. However, coupled to SATRA VisionStitch 9, it is possible to further improve these for specific operations, resulting in the operator being able to beat the predicted time.

As well as reworking SATRA VisionStitch to complement SATRA TimeLine, it has also been upgraded to 64-bit compatibility and has been made easier to use. As a result, SATRA VisionStitch 9 represents a significant step forward, whether it is used in conjunction with SATRA TimeLine or as a standalone system.

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Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 44 of the April 2014 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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