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Goldjen International joins SATRA

SATRA recently welcomed Goldjen International as a new member. The company’s chief executive, Grant Jennings, visited SATRA’s offices in Dongguan, where he met general manager, Liam Donnelly and marketing consultant, Vivien Hsieh.

Goldjen International has developed a range of sports, leisure and occupational shoes which are being marketed as incorporating a revolutionary sole – branded as ‘Rotasole’ – which features a pivoting disc built into the forepart. The company claims that this reduces the strain on hips, knees and ankle joints caused by turning or twisting motions. The sole of the footwear is said to permit a rotation of the foot without subjecting joints to the normal torque associated with such motions.

The patented technology was developed by an Australian doctor, Jack Goldberg, who was determined to reduce the number of sports injuries caused by strain on joints, and to provide an improvement in athletic performance. Rotasole has been tested by Sydney University Biomechanics Laboratory, and has been evaluated by a group of athletes, physical fitness trainers and medical specialists with what Goldjen International says are very positive results. The new range is currently undergoing performance testing in SATRA’s laboratories.

Photograph shows SATRA China office general manager, Liam Donnelly (left) welcoming Grant Jennings, chief executive of Goldjen International.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 3 of the September 2014 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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