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Revision of SATRA TM180 test method

SATRA TM180 has been revised to accommodate unstructured footwear types.

SATRA has recently carried out a review of SATRA TM180 – 'Measurement of the strength of stitched seams in upper and lining materials'. This was conducted due to the increase in sales of unstructured slippers, where traditional lasting techniques might not be used and the demands placed upon seams are perhaps not as high.

SATRA TM180:2016 is intended to measure the breaking strength of stitched seams in shoe upper and lining materials. The method was primarily written for the testing of structured footwear – that is, manufactured using a last. A number of footwear types, including slippers, are not made in this way and the original method needed modifying to accommodate them.

The update of SATRA TM180 seeks to address these changes. The major technical change is in the testing of slippers with a platform (including textile and moulded soles), and is contained within Annex A of the test method. As part of this review, the SATRA guideline for this test has now also been updated. The new guideline is that a new reduced value of 5N/mm has been adopted for unstructured slippers.

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Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 3 of the January 2017 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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