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SATRA releases revised test methods

A number of footwear-related test method updates have recently been published.

SATRA has published four revised test methods: TM20, TM21, TM167 and TM181. Each has been updated to ensure that it cross-references the latest version of other technical standards identified in the method. They also incorporate updated figures and graphics where necessary, and are reflective of the current testing procedures carried out by SATRA. In addition, each test method has undergone more specific technical amendments, as outlined below.

SATRA TM20:2000 has been revised and republished as SATRA TM20:2017 – ‘Lateral impact test for shoe heels’, and SATRA TM21:2001 as SATRA TM21:2017 – ‘Fatigue test for shoe heels’. Both of these test methods are intended to determine the resistance of women’s shoe heels to impact, SATRA TM20:2017 to the occasional heavy blows that occur in wear, and SATRA TM21:2017 to the repeated impacts that occur in normal walking. A key amendment in both test methods is the inclusion of a health and safety statement for the handling of the metal alloy used in testing, the specification of which has changed. The ‘apparatus and materials’ clause in both test methods has also been amended, and is now more detailed, clarifying the required test equipment specifications for testing. 

SATRA TM181:1996 has now been revised as SATRA TM181:2017 – ‘Strength of buckle and strap attachments’. This method is intended to determine the strength of buckle and strap attachments in completed footwear. It is now applicable to all footwear containing buckle and/or strap fastenings. As part of this revision, SATRA TM181 has been developed to include a new procedure for the strength testing of a whole assembly.  

SATRA TM167:2001 is now published as SATRA TM167:2017 – ‘Colour fastness to rubbing – Crockmeter test’, and has been revised to ensure that it is current with regard to referenced standards and procedure. A statement has now been included to aid users testing thin and/or stretchy materials which can ‘ruck up’ during testing.

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This article was originally published on page 6 of the September 2017 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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