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SATRA CAB meets in Bangladesh

The 26th meeting of the SATRA China Advisory Board (CAB) was recently held in the city of Dhaka.

The strategic development of SATRA’s operations in China took a major step forward in 2006 with the first meeting of the SATRA China Advisory Board (CAB). This body brought together representatives of some of the most respected companies in China. The CAB’s remit is to advise the SATRA executive on areas of policy relating to the China market and to assist with the strategic development of SATRA’s operations in China. It also makes recommendations to the main SATRA board as and when required. The body’s responsibility covers shoemaking and a number of other activities, including the supply of footwear components and tanning.

SATRA China office general manager Liam Donnelly reported at the most recent CAB meeting held in Bangladesh on the progress of SATRA’s facilities in Dongguan, and drew attention to the forthcoming exhibitions and seminar programmes. He also highlighted that 2017 had been a successful year for SATRA in China, with more testing (especially for safety footwear) coming into the laboratories, in addition to growth being seen for the SATRA Laboratory Accreditation programme, training and auditing services.

SATRA Chief executive Austin Simmons discussed the development of a modification to SATRA TM83 – ‘Measurement of the area shape retention and collapsing load of formed toe puff and stiffener materials’. Explaining that this long-standing test method has been changed in the light of new materials, he mentioned that the assessment has been split into two methods, thus enabling the testing of both established materials and newer products – particularly sintered materials using a flash activation process.

CAB deputy chairman Richard Pai reported on the setting up of a new tannery in the Savar region of Bangladesh as part of a joint venture with Bay Group. Mr Pai explained that the new facility – called ‘Bay Tanneries Unit-2 Ltd’ and jointly owned by Teh Chang Leather and Bay – is a modern tannery incorporating the quality assurance and environmental responsibilities associated with other Teh Chang operations in Asia. It connects to the Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) provided by the Bangladeshi authorities for tanneries developing on the Savar tannery estate.

Visiting the new tannery

Mr Simmons was also one of the speakers at the ceremonial opening of the Bay Tanneries Unit-2 Ltd operation on 22nd May. Other speakers included Ryan Pai (the tannery’s general manager), Taiwan Teh Chang Leather Group president Richard Pai, Shamsur Rahman (Bay Group founder and chairman), Ziaur Rahman, managing director of Bay Footwear, and Xin Chang Shoes’ James Ho. Following the official opening, Richard Pai led a tour around the tannery, which was in full operation.

A large audience attended the opening ceremony at the new Bay Tanneries Unit-2 facility

Guests at the opening ceremony were also able to tour the new tannery

The photograph at the head of this article shows SATRA chief executive Austin Simmons discussing test method revision at the recent CAB meeting.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 48 of the July/August 2018 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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