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SATRA releases test method revisions

Two footwear test methods have been updated and published.

by Matthew Grainger

SATRA test methods are backed by 100 years of scientific research and technical expertise. They are recognised by standard-making organisations as removing bias and inconsistences when measuring product performance with the highest accuracy. SATRA test methods are then often adopted into national and international standards.

Changes to test procedures are often suggested by members of staff or customers who have become aware of necessary amendments. In order to measure product performance in a fair way, test methods sometimes need to be rewritten to keep up with innovative materials and developing technology. Continual review of test methods allows SATRA to take advantage of new procedures and to meet the needs of ever-changing industries.

New for 2019

SATRA TM9:2019 – ‘Surface water absorption and desorption’ has been designed to determine the amount of liquid water a material will absorb. This assessment is normally used for sockings and footbed materials as a means to determine how effectively the material will absorb perspiration and contribute to the footwear’s moisture management. This revision details how the rate at which the material will desorb water is measured, as an indicator of how well the perspiration will evaporate.

SATRA TM360:2019 – ‘Method for the determination of the odour absorbing properties of insole materials’ is used to determine the ability of a material to absorb and retain odour. It has been published to make available an assessment technique that has been used internally for a number of years, for assessing the quantitative odour absorption properties of insoles. Although this test method was primarily developed to assess insoles, it can be relevant for lining materials and other components that come into contact with the foot, if the material is designed to absorb and retain odour.

2019 test method library update

SATRA is pleased to announce that members can now purchase the 2019 test method library update. This will be supplied on USB rather than in the CD-ROM format that was previously used. An ongoing programme of test method revisions involving SATRA experts is currently being conducted, and all the latest updates will be included with the library.

How can we help?

Please visit for further information on SATRA test methods or email for details of the new library on USB.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 56 of the May 2019 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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