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SATRA revises footwear test methods

A number of footwear-related test methods have recently been reviewed and revised. SATRA TM35:2019 – ‘Static friction material test’ can be used to determine the coefficient friction between two surfaces, and is particularly applicable to friction between footwear counter lining materials and standard hose material. SATRA TM47:2019 – ‘Water vapour permeability and absorption’ has been designed to determine the amount of water vapour an assembly or single material will absorb and transmit through its structure in a specified time. This test is mainly applicable to leathers, synthetics and textiles used in footwear uppers and clothing. Both methods have been revised and updated to reflect SATRA’s current working practices.

SATRA TM29:2017 (2019) – ‘Breaking strength and extension at break’ and SATRA TM83:2018 (2019) – ‘Measurement of the area shape retention and collapsing load of formed box toe (toe puff) and counter (stiffener) materials’ have also been amended with minor changes.

The photograph above shows SATRA TM47 one of the tests that have been modified.

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Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 3 of the February 2020 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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