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ISA TanTec launches non-leather division

The feedstock availability for the new product is said to be almost unlimited.

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Macau-based leather manufacturing group ISA TanTec is establishing a new business section called 'Creation of Sustainable Materials (COSM)' to develop what it calls ‘additional sustainable products’. The company has stressed that this new venture will not detract in any way from its commitment to making leather.

Two new materials are currently in development, both of which are made from mushroom, mycelium and other fast-growing and biodegradable plant-based constituents. According to the company, these products will create a low environmental impact, and will complement ISA TanTec’s leather production. Only mushrooms unsuitable for human consumption are reportedly used. These are grown on wood chips and rice husks, no additional chemicals are used during farming, and only dehydrated mushrooms are transported to the production facility in order to reduce CO2 impact.

The new products have been named 'HyphaLite' (made from locally-sourced Vietnamese mushrooms and expected to be available in the first quarter of 2021) and 'VeraLite', due to enter the market during the second quarter. Isa TanTec has announced that circular economy principles are being followed in the development of these materials, with all waste being integrated back into the production process.

According to founder and executive chairman Tom Schneider, COSM was the result of two years’ investigation and research in conjunction with the science community and, while HyphaLite and VeraLite have not been designed as alternatives to leather, they will offer replacements for polyurethane materials.

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This article was originally published on page 3 of the November 2020 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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