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Jack earns Lean Six Sigma black belt

SATRA’s Jack Hussein is now recognised as a trained and proficient exponent of Lean Six Sigma production efficiency.

SATRA is pleased to announce that production efficiency consultant Jack Hussein has achieved the highest status known as ‘black belt’ status under the ‘Lean Six Sigma’ organisation structure.

The different levels of certification are divided into ‘belt’ colours, similar to what exists in the martial art of judo. There are three belt levels for students of Lean Six Sigma – ‘yellow’, which indicates an awareness of the philosophy, ‘green’ (given to achievers who show an ability to focus and use the tools available and a knowledge of how lean principles can be applied), and ‘black’, which represents a trained and proficient exponent with at least two years’ experience. An invigilated examination must be passed in order to achieve any of these certifications.

Lean Six Sigma is a method to improve performance by systematically removing waste, reducing variation and working with lean manufacturing in order to create a competitive advantage.

Jack will be using his knowledge of this subject when leading a new module in the revised SATRA Accredited Footwear Technologist (SAFT) syllabus for the next group of students. The 2020 syllabus for the globally-recognised SAFT qualification includes a new module 7, entitled ‘Production efficiency, costing and specifications’. This has been created to consider all aspects of lean manufacturing while explaining its implementation and the techniques involved. Module 7 also covers the process of shoe costing and how materials, labour and expenses are calculated to produce the final cost. Please visit or email for details of the SAFT course.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 4 of the January 2021 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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