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SATRA releases updated VisionStitch

Reporting on the new version of this trusted system for optimising stitching operations and its additional features.

by Ray Wisken

SATRA VisionStitch is the tool of choice for production managers and industrial engineers looking to use scientific and data-driven techniques to optimise stitching machine configurations and drive the continuous improvement of quality and productivity in the factory environment. Initial 20 per cent improvements in productivity are not uncommon.

The latest 2021 release of SATRA VisionStitch can be set up in just a minute – to monitor, record and optimise the performance of any stitching machine and/or its operator. The user interface has also been completely redesigned, making it more simple to use while giving more functionality.

Online and 'on site' demonstrations can easily be arranged by contacting SATRA.

How it works

Based on SATRA’s experience installing and using VisionStitch, we know that a high proportion of machines have been found to be incorrectly adjusted for the work they are doing.

This is the same for new and old machines. Once the machine and motor are correctly set using the system, significant improvements can be made. The ergonomics of the work station is also considered, so the VisionStitch update also takes into account how any new working method affects the operator’s control of the machine.

Once everything has been set up appropriately for the product/task using VisionStitch, the following can be improved.

Time: detailed times for any operation are recorded and displayed. The efficiency of the operator and machine can be enhanced with on average, individual improvements of around 15 to 20 per cent easily and quickly achieved.

Quality: quality is very important – in some cases, it is more important than time. VisionStitch will ensure that quality is maintained alongside any time improvements. In most cases, the quality of the stitching also improves.

Method: the correct method is established for the operation and the operator is helped to follow this. New methods and machine settings can be recorded for future reference.

Machine/motor evaluation, selection and setting: VisionStitch can assist with new machine/motor evaluations – comparing new with old will show up the differences. Any evaluation must be accurate in order to achieve the optimum result and make the best decisions. It is important to understand and order a new machine with the correct specification for the intended task so that it will be appropriately set up as soon as it is delivered to the factory. A new machine will start repaying itself immediately if it is set up correctly and the operator is properly trained to use it.

Ergonomics: the ergonomics (or ‘human factors’) of the work station is considered to ensure that the operator has full control of the machine while benefiting from the most comfortable position and minimising the risk of injury or harm to themselves.

Training: when the machine is correctly set up and adjusted and new methods are known, other operators performing the same task can easily be trained in shorter times with better results.


The new SATRA VisionStitch training screen with learning curve

Who can use VisionStitch?

As the system records the stitching operation, the machine and the operator, it can be used with equal effect for any stitched product, including footwear, gloves, apparel, bags and upholstery. VisionStitch can record most types of machine (such as flat, post and automatic), as well as different work methods – for example, sitting and standing.


VisionStitch is backed up by experienced SATRA members of staff who have many years’ experience and have extensive knowledge of the different types of motors and machines available. They help to guide and teach factory staff how to use the system to obtain the optimum results. Purchasers of VisionStitch have access to SATRA experts who can thereafter assist with any stitching-related questions.

What is new in VisionStitch?

VisionStitch has all-new software and hardware, the system has been totally revised to be more user-friendly for the company and its operatives. Some of the new features are as follows.

Smart recording: a new mode which will guide the user as to what type of recording has been made and what the result should be. Less work is required to get the correct result.

Results and information: more details are clearly displayed.


A view of the new VisionStitch main screen – redesigned to make the display easier to see while showing more detail

New analysis mode: allowing recordings to be investigated in greater detail. This is especially useful for new motors and when using automatic stitching.

New training section: giving greater detail and feedback.

Sensors: the new version of VisionStitch has two new advanced sensors – one for normal stitching machines that works from distances over 100 mm from the machine, and another for automatic stitching machines that do not have a normal handwheel. These new sensors give multiple options for recording machines.


The new sensors record from a distance of 100 mm-plus

Display: this has been improved to allow easier interrogation of recordings and results on the factory floor.

New external connectivity: allowing the system to be installed onto laptops and standard computers, using simple USB connections.

Help:  the operating manual is now an inbuilt part of the VisionStitch system, and it includes a number of short instruction/help videos.

Software: easier to install and maintain – sending information to SATRA for system support is now easier. No physical USB dongle is required as all protection is now software-driven. Information can be displayed in any local language to help the user. Information from the system is easier to share with SATRA if help is being requested.


The updated VisionStitch features new sensors, a new remote control and a new connecting box

Existing users

Upgrading to the new version is very important. The updated VisionStitch is easier and quicker to use, with many new, useful and smart features. As previously mentioned, the operating manual and help videos are built into the system, so users can look for help swiftly and easily at any time to learn how to always operate it correctly. It can now be fitted to any machine more efficiently and easily due to the new sensor technology.

How can we help?

Please contact for further information on the new SATRA VisionStitch or any other SATRA production efficiency system.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 30 of the April 2021 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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