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Two new SATRA webinars announced

Details have been released about the latest additions to SATRA’s calendar of live online presentations on footwear-related topics.

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SATRA’s programme of live webinars on a variety of key topics is gaining increasing popularity with members around the world. Hundreds of online attendees have taken advantage of this provision, all of whom have the opportunity to pose questions during the presentations and either hear a live response at the conclusion of the session or receive personalised emailed advice – a particularly valuable service when confidential information is being discussed with a SATRA expert.

Both of the following webinars are reserved for SATRA members only. They will be presented at 10:00 BST and repeated at 16:00 BST for members in North and South America.

Thursday 2nd December – ‘An insight into test method development’. This webinar will provide an insight into the research, development and regular review processes involved in producing industry-standard SATRA test methods for footwear, many of which are adopted in international standards. It will also explain where concepts originate and how some of the more advanced methods to replicate footwear in the real world are created.

Thursday 16th December – ‘Uncertainty of measurement’. While the term ‘uncertainty of measurement’ is commonly used within test laboratories, it is often not fully understood how it applies to test results. This discussion will present a brief explanation of what ‘uncertainty’ is and how – and, more importantly, when – uncertainty of measurement values can be used to determine if a test result meets with a specific requirement.

SATRA is rapidly building an online library of recordings of the webinars, as well as supplementary video presentations on a number of key footwear-related issues, access to which is reserved for member companies. This online provision ensures that all members who were unable to watch the live online events can still benefit from the experience of SATRA’s experts and other industry figures whenever they choose.

How can we help?

Please visit to register your interest in attending, and to view the complete library of webinar recordings.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 28 of the November 2021 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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