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New ‘dur’ needles from Groz-Beckert

The new needle is claimed to have several advantages over existing products.

Stitching machine needles have been finished with a chrome coating as standard for decades. This protects the needle from external influences such as corrosion and makes it wear-resistant. It also provides a smooth surface to protect the material and thread. Groz-Beckert has now changed the process used to apply this chrome layer to the needles which, the company states, makes its ‘dur’ product more environmentally friendly as well as improving its properties.

Compared to conventional chrome needles, the new dur needles are said to have a point area that is more effectively protected against wear and damage, meaning that they can be used for longer. In addition, dur needles reportedly have an improved sliding property, which reduces the penetration forces of the needle and increases protection for the material to be stitched. Visually, dur needles differ from conventional chrome needles, having a smoother appearance over the entire needle and a visible colour difference around the shank.

Instead of Groz-Beckert needles being stamped with the needle size and company logo, these details are now being applied using a new technology which is claimed to improve the legibility of the labelling.

Alongside needles with a chrome coating, Groz-Beckert is continuing to offer GEBEDUR needles coated with titanium nitride. The company recommends that its GEBEDUR needles are selected for use whenever the manufacturing application places increased demands on the needle and its wear resistance. This includes when heavy or coated materials such as denim, leather or technical textiles are being stitched.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 39 of the December 2021 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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