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Stanbee launches recyclable Nitro Force product

The company has announced the release of what are described as the company’s most sustainable, high-performing components to date.

At the forefront of Stanbee's new ‘Nitro’ line is 'Nitro Force', which is said to be fully recyclable and made from a minimum of 85 per cent recycled plastic bottles. With Nitro Force, the company claims to be fulfilling two prongs of its ecological mission – reducing the use of virgin raw materials in its production processes and increasing the reuse of an underutilised global waste stream.

Already known for its 'Verge', 'Vantage' and 'SporToe' products, Stanbee states that the success of these components was the inspiration behind the new Nitro line, which is being marketed as bringing each of the company's other products to a higher level of sustainability and performance.

To complement Nitro Force, which is a lighter version of Verge, the company will soon be releasing three more Nitro products: 'Nitro Flex' (an upgrade to Vantage), 'Nitro Sport' – an enhanced version of SporToe – and 'Nitro Vulc', which is an all-new line for vulcanised footwear. Nitro Force is said to incorporate nearly 85 per cent of recyclable materials, while being thinner, lighter and more durable than Verge.

Stanbee injects all of its Nitro products with nitrogen to create a proprietary foaming process. The resulting bubbles throughout the core material are claimed to make the counters and box toes lighter than their predecessors without sacrificing stiffness, strength or durability. In addition, by displacing the core matter, the process reportedly reduces the company’s reliance on raw materials, thus helping to shrink the global waste stream.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 44 of the July/August 2022 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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