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SATRA releases revised test methods

SATRA has announced revisions of two established test methods to reflect current procedures. SATRA TM112:1995 – ‘Fatigue resistance of insole backparts and backpart components’ has been republished as SATRA TM112:2022. More detailed figures have been added to improve usability, along with additional procedural information and information on the apparatus used.

In addition, SATRA TM113:1996 – ‘Measurement of the strength of attachment of heels to footwear and the backpart rigidity of such footwear’ has been republished as SATRA TM113:2022. As with the TM112 revision, this new publication reflects SATRA’s current procedures and improved usability includes an updated cover image and more detailed figures.

The standards within the SATRA TM113 test method have been changed, and two different types of clamps are now listed which are suitable for different thicknesses of heel. Preparation of test specimen, procedure and test report clauses have been completely overhauled, with additional information now included as well as changes to the controlled environment requirements.

SATRA test methods can be purchased online. Please visit to download the current catalogue and to order these documents

The photograph above shows the SATRA TM113 test being conducted.

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 4 of the September 2022 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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