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Revised SATRA test methods released

SATRA is pleased to announce revisions of three established test methods to reflect current procedures. SATRA TM8:2004 – ‘Colour fastness to circular rubbing’ has been republished as SATRA TM8:2022. References and standards now reflect the most up-to-date versions, additional procedural steps and information on the required apparatus have been introduced and new photography is included throughout.

SATRA TM88:2022 – ‘Measurement of the torsional stiffness of insole backparts’ replaces the 2001 version. This test method now features updated and additional clauses, as well as a number of changes to existing clauses throughout the ‘preparation of test specimen’ section, Detailed information on apparatus and materials is also included.

The SATRA TM118:1992 – ‘Strength of sandal toe posts’ test method has been republished as SATRA TM118:2022. Similar to the previously-mentioned revisions, references and standards within this test method have been updated and information on additional equipment has also been updated. The figure 1 graphic has also been updated and the sections entitled ‘preparation of test specimen’ and ‘procedure’ have been reworked.

The photograph above shows use of the SATRA TM118 test to evaluate the strength of a sandal toe post.

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Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 4 of the December 2022 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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