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SATRA releases revised test methods

A number of footwear-related test method updates have recently been published.

SATRA TM304:2023 – ‘Qualitative tests for soluble colour in upper and lining materials’ is intended to determine qualitatively whether or not a material will lose colour in wear, leading to either a change in colour of the material itself or the staining of a material with which it is in contact. It is mainly applicable to leather, but may also be used for other upper and lining materials. SATRA TM304 has been revised to reflect current procedures undertaken at SATRA, with artificial sweat now an optional extraction media. A numerical scale for colour assessment has been added to improve usability.

SATRA TM341:2023 – ‘Oxides of nitrogen discolouration test’ is used to determine the propensity of materials to discolour when in an atmosphere containing oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Information regarding the types of materials to which this test is most applicable has been added to the updated test method, alongside a numerical scale for the assessment of colour change.

SATRA TM343:2023 – ‘Contact storage test for discolouration’ has been designed to determine the propensity of a material to cause the discolouration of another material when they are stored in close contact. This method is applicable to all materials which are used in intimate contact, and to the adhesives which are used to bond them. The new version of SATRA TM343 has been restructured to improve usability, including a numerical scale for grading colour change and a new image for the front cover.

How can we help?

SATRA test methods can be purchased online. Please visit to download the current catalogue and to order these documents, or email to discuss testing by these methods. 

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 30 of the February 2023 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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