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Chemical Permeation

Chemically-protective clothing, gloves and footwear must be able to withstand permeation of chemicals in order to be considered chemical-resistant. SATRA is able to carry out this testing on a wide range of materials and products to the requirements specified in EN ISO 374-1 (chemical requirements for gloves), EN 13832 parts 2 and 3 (requirements for footwear for contact with chemicals) and EN 14325 (performance classification for chemical protective clothing). We can also undertake permeation testing to assess gloves intended to be used with chemotherapy treatments through determining their resistance to cytotoxic drugs (ASTM D6978-05) in a specially built laboratory.

EN 16523-1 Determination of resistance to permeation by liquid chemicals

This specifies a test procedure to determine the resistance of protective glove materials to permeation by potentially hazardous non-gaseous chemicals under the conditions of continuous contact. Permeation is the process by which a chemical moves through a protective glove material on a molecular level. Gloves are classified according to the breakthrough time of the chemical through the glove material.

ASTM D6978-05 Resistance of medical gloves to permeation by chemotherapy drugs

We are fully equipped to evaluate the resistance of medical gloves to permeation by chemotherapy drugs to the American standard ASTM D6978-05 which is being increasingly requested by European brands and distributors.