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SAFT USA Module 6: Industrial footwear

Monday 16th October 2017 to Tuesday 17th October 2017


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This industrial footwear module will describe the requirements of all the major industrial footwear specifications and standards – EN ISO 20345, ASTM F2412, and CSA Z195. It will contrast and compare the various requirements, such as impact resistance and slip resistance.

Common faults and failures will be reviewed, as well as the precautions to be taken to avoid this happening. An explanation of current legislation outlining the requirements of the different markets will be included – for example, how a technical file is prepared in order to satisfy the requirements of the European Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive.

SAFT course costs (quoted in British pounds)

There is a variable cost per module, depending on how many modules the delegate attends. If someone attends just one module, the cost will be GBP 1125 (1 x GBP 1125). If a delegate attends all 6 modules, the cost will be GBP 5,250 (6 x GBP 875).

1 or 2 modules: GBP 1125 per module
3 modules: GBP 1000 per module
4 modules: GBP 945 per module
5 or 6 modules: GBP 875 per module

However, modules 2 and 4 consist of two separate parts and so a delegate may attend only one of the days. Therefore, the cost would be as the example below:

Example 1 – A delegate takes 2 half modules – that would count as one module and be GBP 1125.

Example 2 – A delegate attends 3 ½ modules, this would count as 4 modules and the cost would be (3 x GBP 945 + a ½ module at GBP 482.50) = GBP 3,307.50.

SAFT examinations

After completing the modules, the delegate may take the examinations to gain SAFT accreditation.

Examinations are held twice a year (normally in February and August), and can be at either SATRA UK or at mutually agreed locations around the world.

To gain the accreditation, the delegate must take examinations in five out of the six modules (including the core modules) at a cost of 95 GBP per module.