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Webinar - Checking CE Certificates are Genuine

Tuesday 25th August 2020

10.00 BST 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is equipment designed to protect a user against health and safety risks. PPE can include items such as gloves, eye protection, high visibility, safety footwear and fall arrest equipment. PPE has been propelled into the spotlight in recent months as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, proving just how vital PPE is in protecting not only workers against risks at work, but the general public in maintaining safety during day-to-day life.

It is imperative that the PPE supplied and used is fit for its intended purpose to uphold the safety of the user. Suitability can be determined by robust testing of the PPE and the subsequent issue of an EU-Type Examination Certificate by a Notified Body. 

As a Notified Body (2777) SATRA has become aware of an increasing number of ‘fake’ or doctored certificates that have been circulating the market. As such, we have designed a webinar to advise how to determine a valid EU-Type Certificate from a forgery.

The webinar shall discuss what documentation is required when selling PPE into the UK and EU, and to provide guidance on what is included on a valid SATRA EU-Type Certificate and how it is presented. Examples shall be given of the common forgeries that SATRA has witnessed, including the doctoring of information and the use of EC- Type Certificates. The aim of the webinar is to ensure that the end user understands the documentation required and can identify valid EU-Type Certificates with confidence.

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Tuesday 25th August 10.00