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Boost for SATRA Test Equipment


3rd August 2016

Sales of SATRA test equipment associated consumables and reference materials doubled in July compared to each of the previous six months of 2016.

Many test machines sold by SATRA use a range of consumables and reference materials ranging from felt pads, worsted rep, grit paper, rubber, tiles and other materials. These are either used in the preparation of test specimens or as a key part of the test. Using the correct materials is essential to obtaining the correct test results. For this reason, SATRA supplies materials that have been confirmed as being from a reputable source.

SATRA Chief Executive Austin Simmons said, “For the first six months the global market has been tight, however, July saw a huge increase in sales of our SATRA Quality Consumables branded products. Whether it is a sign the market is easing may be too early to say. We have also experienced an upsurge in orders for test equipment. The UK Brexit decision may also have helped as the current exchange rate favours exports and the vast majority of our equipment and consumables are sold abroad."