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Fur — are you getting what you ordered?

Synthetic or real

27th April 2017

Recent news reports have suggested that some clothing, footwear and accessory manufacturers are using real fur instead of synthetic fur and vice versa. It is claimed that real fur is being sold as 'faux fur' at several retail outlets on the high street and online and that a range of species such as rabbit, fox, mink and raccoon dog have been discovered.

It is important that materials are checked as the European Union bans the sale of cat and dog fur.

Independent research and testing organisation SATRA is already working with companies to establish whether they have been supplied with real or synthetic fur (sometimes referred to as faux fur).

SATRA's chemical analytical testing laboratory uses a combination of optical microscopy and chemical dissolution to assess fur samples to see whether they are made from natural animal hair or synthetic man-made fibres. Optical microscopy is used to identify the sample and chemicals are used to dissolve different fibre types to confirm their identity.

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