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EN 13595-1: 2002
Protective clothing for professional motorcycle riders - Jackets, trousers and one piece or divided suits

This covers jackets, trousers plus one and two piece suits and includes a wide variety of tests intended to assess the protection and integrity of the clothing ensemble . It has been formatted into four parts. Part 1 includes the requirements and the examination procedures of the clothing while parts 2 to 4 describe laboratory testing procedures for three of the specialised tests - namely - impact abrasion, seam burst strength and impact cut.

Part 2: Impact Abrasion

The test involves the sample being dropped through a distance of 50mm onto a 60 grit abrasive belt moving at a speed of 8m/s (approximately 18mph). The test ends when the sample is holed - defined by a trip wire, placed underneath the test specimen, being broken. The abrasive power of the belt is assessed using two layers of a standard reference fabric and the specimen's abrasion time is corrected.

Part 3: Seam Burst Strength

A circular sample cut from the clothing is placed over a diaphragm and is clamped around its edge. The specimen is gradually extended into a dome shape thereby applying forces to the seam in all directions. The pressure required to burst the sample is recorded.

Part 4: Impact cut

A test specimen taken from the clothing is mounted over a block containing a rectangular hole. A striker of fixed mass with a sharp blade fitted to its lower surface is dropped with a defined energy level so that the blade impacts the sample directly above the rectangular hole. The maximum penetration of the blade through the material is measured.