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PPE Webinars and Videos

Introducing the UK Conformity Assessed Mark (UKCA)

It is likely that from 1st January 2021 onwards the UK will adopt its own PPE legislation. The UK legislation will involve the use of a new ‘United Kingdom Conformity Assessed’ (UKCA) mark, which will need to be placed on products as a means of showing conformance with applicable UK legislation. Simon Courtney and Pete Doughty explain the changes that will come into force on the 1st January 2021 as we understand, them and discuss the implications across supply chains.

During this webinar reference is made to the document "PPE Transition - Placing on the market and products in stocks" which you can download from the EU website here.

Visor Testing and Certification

Eye and face protectors placed on the European market are personal protective equipment and have to satisfy the health and safety requirements of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (PPER). A reduced testing programme was agreed for products that have a limited usage and for supply directly to the NHS for immediate emergency usage. During this webinar Simon Courtney discusses the testing and certification of these types of products.

Testing and Certifying High-Visibility Products

High-visibility garments make the wearer visually stand out from the surrounding environment by incorporating coloured fluorescent high-visibility background materials and retro reflective tape in recognised designs. During this webinar SATRA’s high visibility experts give an overview of the relevant testing methods and standards.

Motorcycle PPE

This webinar is aimed at manufacturers outside the EU who wish to bring motorcycle products to market in European countries, in addition to providing a higher quality product for customers outside of Europe.

An interview with SATRA’s Divisional Manager Simon Courtney is also available.

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Introduction to the PPE Regulation

During this webinar SATRA’s certification expert Hannah Coe gives an overview of the Regulation including brief explanations about preparing documentation including risk assessments, the EU Declaration of Conformity and the Annex II Basic Health and Safety Requirements. She also discusses certificate expiry after 5 years and gives some examples of good practice.

PPE certification (CE Mark)

All personal protective products must be tested and certified before they can be put on the market. In these exceptional times, some equipment being made for medical use will only require testing. SATRA’s laboratories and experts are available for testing and advice.

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