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Spotlight provides current and accurate information on legislation, technical research, product testing, due diligence and supply chain efficiency, covering a wide range of consumer product industry sectors.

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Free Webinars

SATRA offers a wide range of testing and certification services to our customers worldwide, helping them to produce safe, compliant products for European and international markets. The knowledge we have gained working in this diverse environment is shared through regular webinars, workshops and events.

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Chemical Compliance

Every product manufactured and brought to market is, in some way, affected by chemicals regulations and restrictions. This could be a requirement to meet a brand’s Restricted Substance List or legislation such as the European REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals).

SATRA has produced a number of webinars to help our members meet chemical compliance obligations.

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Protective Glove Webinar Series

Over the coming weeks, SATRA will be presenting a series of six protective glove webinars. These events will be focussed on the testing and certification requirements for the European market and are available free of charge to all SATRA’s customers.

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PPE Webinars and Videos

As a Notified Body, SATRA is well placed to offer support and advice on many aspects of PPE testing and certification.

Holding regular seminars, workshops and webinars is an important aspect of this support. A selection of webinars have been recorded and are available here for you to view.

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FindSourcing: How you can benefit

SATRA is collaborating with FindSourcing – a Swedish company that over the past two years has developed an online platform that makes it easier to find a partner in the footwear industry while ensuring transparency in the sourcing process.

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Common Failures In Safety Footwear (Chinese translation)

In order to effectively and consistently give the necessary level of protection, safety footwear must be carefully designed and manufactured. Making a thorough consideration of both the design and materials to be used during the product’s development stage can save time and money when it comes to testing and certification.

Leather : Key Testing Properties

It is important to ensure that your leather is of the required quality, is able to withstand manufacturing processes, the rigours of wear and meet legislative requirements. Mark Southam and Jade Hurley review the key physical and chemical testing properties that leather should be tested for to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Introduction to CE marking toys

In this webinar, Emma Norris and Lucy Cove from the chemical testing team discuss what needs to be considered when selling toys within the EU. The webinar focuses on items such as soft filled toys, teething rings and dummy clips. It includes information about self-certification and CE marking requirements and the responsibilities of toy manufacturers and importers. The testing required for the EN 71 series of standards is also discussed, including physical testing (EN 71-1), flammability requirements (EN 71-2) and toxicity testing (EN 71-3).

Sustainability Workshop on Waste Reduction

Continuing our series of webinars looking at sustainability, Jeff Taher, UK Managing Director for Syngroup efficiency consultants, discusses the principles of waste elimination / reduction using practical business examples and highlighting the benefits of adopting practices such as the three Ms of Muda, Mura, Muri.

What is Leather?

One of the most difficult things for anyone entering the leather product supply chain can be trying to understand the ‘language’ of leather. Leather manufacturers like to use terminology to describe processes and leather attributes that seem quite alien to the newcomer. In this webinar SATRA’s assistant director (and leather technologist) Christine Powley-Williams discusses the most important definition - what can be described as ‘Leather’ (and what can’t).

Checking CE Certificates are Genuine

SATRA has become aware of an increasing number of ‘fake’ or doctored EU-Type Examination Certificates that have been circulating the market. This webinar advises how to determine if an EU-Type Certificate is a forgery, using examples of forged or doctored certificates. The aim is to ensure that the end user understands the documentation required and can identify valid certificates with confidence.

Sustainability Workshop on Durability and Longevity of Footwear

Tom Bayes, SATRA’s Head of Innovation, discusses the use of accelerated ageing tests to assess the durability of footwear and help to predict its longevity in use. We also hear from Stefan Mathys, co-founder of the innovative SATRA member VYN, who produce sneakers designed to be worn, cared for and repaired by the owner.

Arsutoria Trend Forecasting A/W 21/22 - "Minimalism of Maximalists"

SATRA is working with Milan-based footwear and leather goods consultant Arsutoria to bring trend forecasting straight from the Italian ‘fashion capital’ to our screens in the form of the first Trend Forecasting webinar. Orietta Pelizzari shares her insights into future trends and technical innovations in materials for the Autumn/Winter 21/22 season.

Digital Last assessment

A look at SATRA’s new digital services for measuring and analysing the shape and dimensions of shoemaking lasts. This service can be used during the development phase of shoe design to understand the likely comfort and population coverage offered by footwear without the need for human fit trials.