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Floor cleaning products on test

Before appearing on supermarket shelves, popular cleaning products need to be put through their paces.

Floor cleaning products applied direct are popular for the busy household. They are put straight onto the floor and then wiped over with a damp mop as opposed to more conventional systems of adding the product to the wash water. Most will remove general soiling and some stains and may also disinfect.

Suppliers often request an independent test report to examine performance against the market leader, to test improved formulae or to validate product claims.

Performance against the market leader. The supplier usually specifies the market-leading product and a comparison report is produced.

Improved formulae. A change in specification often means the supplier needs an independent assessment of the new product against the previous one, especially when selling to leading supermarkets.

Validation of product claims. These vary from product to product, but generally include:

The tests, which are usually carried out on individual new vinyl tiles, can also be carried out on other hard floorings, including laminates, as required.

SATRA can also carry out the above tests using a scrub tester method, again on a variety of different floor types.

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It is important to note that SATRA would only be able to carry out this type of work where there is no conflict of interest between our various clients. We would usually refuse to assess a member’s product for a non-member. Please email for further information regarding all types of testing of cleaning products.