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This page brings you up to date with the latest newly published and recently revised standards.

Care must be taken with any draft standards as they are subject to change without notice.

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BS ISO 6101-6 - 17/30355090 DC

New Standard

Rubber. Determination of metal content by atomic absorption spectrometry. Part 6. Determination of magnesium content.

BS EN 17117-1 - 17/30341205 DC

New Standard

Rubber or plastics-coated fabrics. Mechanical test methods under biaxial stress states. Part 1. Tensile stiffness properties.

BS ISO 20463 - 17/30337340 DC

New Standard

Rubber and rubber products. Determination of combustion energy and carbon dioxide emission from biobased and nonbiobased materials.

BS ISO 2007 - 17/30334930 DC

New Standard

Rubber, unvulcanised. Determination of plasticity. Rapid-plastimeter method.

BS ISO 20754 - 17/30328991 DC

New Standard

Textiles. Man-made fibres. Determination of shape factors in cross section.

BS ISO 48 - 17/30291652 DC

Draft Standard

Rubber, vulcanised or thermoplastic. Determination of hardness (hardness between 10 IRHD and 100 IRHD).

EN 16689:2017

New Standard

Protective clothing for firefighters. Performance requirements for protective clothing for technical rescue.

BS ISO 4666-4 - 17/30357593 DC

Draft Standard

Rubber, vulcanised. Determination of temperature rise and resistance to fatigue in flexometer testing. Part 4. Constant-stress flexometer.

BS EN 16232 AMD1 - 17/30357045 DC

Draft Standard

Child use and care articles. Infant swings.

BS EN 17109 - 17/30354229 DC

Draft Standard

Ropes courses. Individual safety system. Safety requirements and test methods.

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