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This page brings you up to date with the latest newly published and recently revised standards.

Care must be taken with any draft standards as they are subject to change without notice.

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19/30400755 DC

Draft Standard

BS EN 14458 AMD1 Personal eye-equipment. High performance visors intended only for use with protective helmets.

19/30400428 DC

Draft Standard

BS EN 16890 AMD1 Children’s furniture. Mattresses for cots and cribs. Safety requirements and test methods.

19/30399979 DC

Draft Standard

BS EN ISO 24267 Friction. Test methods for casual footwear and components.

19/30399976 DC

Draft Standard

BS EN ISO 24266 Footwear. Test methods for whole shoe. Flexing durability.

19/30399973 DC

Draft Standard

BS EN ISO 24265 Footwear. Test methods for uppers. Fastness to rubbing using a rubber pad.

19/30399970 DC

Draft Standard

BS EN ISO 24264 Footwear. Attachment strength of top pieces.

19/30399967 DC

Draft Standard

BS EN ISO 24263 Footwear. Attachments strength of straps, trims and accessories.

19/30389364 DC

Draft Standard

BS EN 17456 Wood flooring and parquet. Determination of top and bottom layer delamination of multilayer elements. Test method.

19/30387332 DC

Draft Standard

BS ISO 14930 AMD1 Leather. Leather for dress gloves. Specification.

ISO 27065:2017/AMD.1:2019


Protective clothing. Performance requirements for protective clothing worn by operators applying pesticides and for re-entry workers.