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SATRA STM 703 Bally penetrometer

STM 703 Bally penetrometer image

This four-station machine is the internationally accepted method for measuring the dynamic water resistance of leathers and synthetic leathers. Its unique action ensures that each test piece is assessed under the conditions relevant to the stiffness of the specimen.

The specimens are wrapped around the mandrels provided and held in place by one of eight clamps. Specimens and mandrels are mounted utilising the dovetail arrangement forming part of the mandrel and the corresponding dovetail on the machine. The amount of dynamic movement (amplitude) is adjustable according to the stiffness of the material, which should first be measured on the SATRA Bally stiffness meter STM 704. A tray can be raised to allow water to contact the finish side of the specimens.

A significant feature of the SATRA Bally penetrometer is the electronic water detection system which removes the need for constant operator attendance during testing. This feature also includes a counter and alarm for each of the four stations. Water detection relies on a resistance being reached in the electronic circuit. Copper mesh is placed in each specimen and a probe forms the link between the electronic circuit and mesh. When water penetrates the specimen the resistance changes and automatically stops the station counter and sounds the alarm. Testing continues on the other stations until water penetration is detected at all stations when the machine stops.

These features are unique to the official SATRA Bally penetrometer:

Other features: