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SATRA STM 531 Contact heat tester

STM 531 Contact heat tester image

This test machine is designed to assess the result of heat being applied to sample materials under a constant force and allows tests to be conducted to the requirements of EN 702 (referenced in EN ISO 20349, for example, which includes foundry and welding boots).

The device, designed and manufactured by SATRA Technology, comprises a frame on which the contact heat mechanism is mounted.

An electrically-heated block, with temperature adjustable up to 500°C, is automatically lowered onto the surface of the test specimen at a constant speed. This block is of a size and weight so that the total contact force of the block is 48 ± 0.5N in accordance with the test standard.

A timed system is incorporated so that the block rests on the test specimen for a pre-set time, after which it is automatically raised. The test specimen is mounted on a calorimeter connected to a display unit to show the heat that is transmitted through the specimen.