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SATRA STM 602 Soling materials abrasion machine

STM 602 Soling materials abrasion machine image
STM 602 Soling materials abrasion machine image

This is ideal for testing rubber, urethanes and other synthetic solings to assess their resistance to abrasion in normal everyday wear. The principle of the test is simple but the unique three-head design of the SATRA abrasion tester reduces the time taken per test.

A 150mm diameter drum is rotated at 40rpm by a precision AC motor with variable speed control. A sheet of specified P60 abrasive paper (STM 469A or STM 469CA) is fixed to the drum by double-sided adhesive tape. A cylindrical sample, of fixed dimensions, is inserted in the sample holder and its protrusion adjusted and set using the integral micrometer.

The sample holder either fixed or rotating, travels over the surface of the abrasive paper at 0.32m/sec under a loading of either 5 or 10 newtons for a set distance. An adjustable rotary cam allows the sample to travel 10, 20, 30 and 40 metres. On completion of the test the sample is removed and the volume loss determined by weighing and calculation.

The abrasive resistance of the compound can then be determined by relating the test results to those of a control compound (STM 469CR).

This SATRA machine has a self-tracking suction head which can be connected to a standard vacuum cleaner, removing the need for constant operator attention. A sample cutting knife is also available and is suitable for use with rotary pillar drill.