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SATRA STM 164 Creep cabinet for testing adhesives

STM 164 Creep cabinet for testing adhesives image

The cabinet is used to determine the heat resistance of adhesives (creep test) according to SATRA Test Method TM403. The method is equivalent to BS 5131 1.1.1 in most respects and is similar in principle to Method A4 of the Association of European Adhesive Manufacturers (FEICA).

It has been designed to provide all the test conditions required by the SATRA, BSI and FEICA test methods and will accommodate a maximum of ten test pieces.

The cabinet is a double-walled sheet metal construction with integral thermal insulation.

The top hinged front door comprises a single glazed unit. Toggle clips are fitted for door closure. The air in the cabinet is circulated by a crossflow fan/heater unit which provides a constant flow/temperature characteristic across all the specimens being tested. An electronic temperature controller with platinum resistance thermometer sensing element provides an accurate control of temperature (normally 60°C, but temperatures up to 80°C can be obtained).

The cabinet is usually mounted on a wall or other vertical surface and mounting brackets are provided.