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SATRA STD 206 Quarter and back height gauge

STD 206 Quarter and back height gauge image

The height of the top-line of a shoe at the back and at the quarters affects fit and comfort. If the back height is too low heel slip may occur during walking. If the quarters, particularly the outside quarter, are too high the top-line may rub the ankle bone.

The STD 206 is an instrument designed to measure the height of the top-line of the shoe above the insole surface at the seat to check that footwear is satisfactory. It can be used for all sizes of shoe and incorporates an adjustment which allows the measuring positioning for quarter height to be varied correctly with shoe size. It can be easily changed to measure left and right shoes as required.

To carry out measurements the gauge is placed inside a shoe on the insole at the seat. It is a simple but accurate device and is supplied with full instructions and tables giving measurement positions for adults' as well as children's shoes. It is nickel plated to prevent corrosion.