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SATRA STD 224 SATRA fitting board

STD 224 SATRA fitting board image

An effective fitting board is invaluable to shoe retailers. It enables them to quickly establish the size of shoe most likely to fit the customer.

Many fitting boards are specific to a single manufacturer's range. The SATRA fitting board, however, is based on established guidelines and produces correct standards of fitting so that individual ranges of footwear can be related to it. SATRA's extensive and unique knowledge of the requirements for good shoe fitting ensure that the STD 224 fitting board is ideal for retailers.

The absence of moving parts coupled with the robust design, ensure long and trouble-free use. The fitting board is produced in MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard – reconstituted wood) with an ash veneer. The size markings are reverse printed onto a clear label ensuring that the attractive wood grain shows through while the print is protected from wear.

Multi-coloured width bands coupled with size marking make this unique fitting board attractive and simple to use. The width fittings are arranged in five unique bands: Extra narrow, Extra wide, Wide, Average, Narrow There are three standard fitting boards to cover the men's, women's and children's size ranges:

For customers requiring larger quantities of fitting boards it is possible to customise the standard SATRA fitting board to incorporate specific size ranges, width fittings, colours, own logos or company messages. The cost is only marginally more than the standard fitting board when quantities of 50 or more are ordered, subject to the number of different colours and design work.