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STD 228 SENSOR image

The SATRA Sensor is a self-contained miniature sensing system for remote monitoring of air temperature and humidity. It is designed to monitor in-factory processing conditions, for example cement drying or heat setting tunnels in footwear manufacturing. It will also monitor environmental conditions encountered by products during storage or transit, for example in seaborne containers.

Benefits of using SATRA Sensor:

SATRA Sensor incorporates sophisticated re-usable monitoring equipment for recording temperature and humidity over periods ranging from a few seconds to several months. It has no wires and can thus be used to monitor conditions in conveyor-type processes or areas where access during the measuring period is difficult.

It can record changes in ambient temperature or cope with processes up to 120°C. The temperature and humidity data recorded on the SATRA Sensor can be quickly downloaded to a computer and displayed for analysis, archiving and printing. The recorded parameters can be calibrated and the type of data recorded can be selected to reflect individual requirements.