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SATRA STD 190L Instant lastometer (extended throat)

STD 190L Instant lastometer (extended throat) image

Simplified form of the STD 104. This device, intended for use as a simple pass/fail gauge, can be used in an incoming goods area for testing leather hides or sheet materials. Used in conjunction with the normal laboratory tests, this can provide a valuable quality control check, rejecting unsuitable materials before they enter the manufacturing cycle. The test is not destructive.

The user can select one of three preset distensions of 6, 7 or 8mm. When operated, the device clamps the material and pushes the ball-ended rod into the specimen. If the surface of the material cracks or tears, the material is unlikely to be suitable for lasting. The chosen pre-set distension value should be established by carrying out full laboratory tests.

A filtered and lubricated air supply is recommended for instant lastometers to prevent damage to the internal mechanisms.

The STD 190L has an extended throat, allowing tests to be carried out anywhere on the incoming material.

The device, intended as a bench top unit, is provided with a foot-operated treadle to carry out tests, leaving both hands free to move the material being tested.