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SATRA STM 567 Endofoot (for advanced moisture management testing — AMMT)

STM 567 Endofoot (for advanced moisture management testing — AMMT) image
STM 567 Endofoot (for advanced moisture management testing — AMMT) image

This machine has been developed to assess the thermal and sweat management performance of complete footwear by measuring thermal insulation, moisture absorption and breathability properties, tested in conjunction with hose. The test takes into consideration the effect of the sole, upper and lining, in addition to features such as seams and different types of hosiery.

The SATRA Endofoot can be utilised to help set comfort benchmarks and can be used for comparative testing of footwear components, for example, to assess experimental materials.

Data from the SATRA Endofoot equipment can be used to monitor and improve sweat management and thermal properties in all types of footwear – sports, performance, outdoor and industrial, as well as everyday dress shoes.

In operation the SATRA Endofoot uses a moulded foot form which incorporates electrical heating elements and water supply pipes that distribute 'sweat' (water) to the surface of the foot.

The foot is first fitted with a standard reference sock and then the test footwear. After a warming-up period to reach equilibrium, a realistic warm and humid environment is created which replicates that to be found inside a real shoe in wear. The dressed foot is then subjected to a calibrated flow of air over its surface to replicate movement through the air when walking, (which helps to dissipate any moisture transmitted to the surface of the shoe).

In addition to moisture management tests, the test equipment can be used to conduct a cold rating test to determine the thermal properties (insulation) of footwear. Footwear comfort can then be assessed against guidelines for an external temperature and activities level.