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Test Method: SATRA TM264

Spotting tack and green strength of furniture foam bonding adhesives

April 2002


This method is intended to assess the spotting tack of an adhesive film after application and the green strength of an adhesive bond. The method is applicable to all types of adhesives used in foam bonding. It can also be used to assess the influence of foam or adherend materials on the spotting tack of an adhesive.


Method 1 - Spotting Tack of foam bonds.

Pieces of foam and a second adherend material such as wood, foam and upholstery are coated with an adhesive. The two adherends are joined and hand pressed together and immediately released. The foam is carefully separated from the second adherend and the quality of the bond is noted as a measure of the spotting tack.

Method 2 - Green Strength

A foam bond assembly is produced according to the adhesive suppliers instructions. After a brief fixed period the assembly is peeled apart by hand and the quality of the bond is noted as a measure of the green strength.


This Test Method does not reference any additional Standards or Test Methods.


First issued April 2002.


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