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Test Method: SATRA TM273

Resistance to flexing damage of coated fabrics - Schildknecht flex test

November 2007


This method is intended to determine the resistance of a coated fabric to damage when flexed repeatedly. It is mainly applicable to lightweight materials used in clothing but can be used with heavier fabrics.


A test specimen is formed into a tube and clamped in position around two opposing cylindrical mounts, one of which is fixed and the other capable of continuous, cyclic, essentially unidirectional movement. The motion of the movable mount subjects the tubular test specimen to a repeated compression cycle in its axial direction and thereby induces a ‘concertina’ type of flex. The flexing action is continued until a pre-set number of cycles has been achieved or until a specified critical level of damage to the specimen is apparent.


SATRA TM259 Determination of Resistance to Water Penetration – Hydrostatic Pressure Test.


First issued November 2007.


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