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Test Method: SATRA TM402B

Preparation of thermoplastic injected-on bonded test assemblies for adhesion tests

December 2016


This method is intended to describe the preparation and bonding, with solvent based and water based adhesives, of thermoplastic injected-on test specimen assemblies for use in peel tests and heat resistance (creep) tests. The method is applicable to all types of material, provided at least one of the adherends is flexible.


Standard procedures are used to prepare injected-on bonded test assemblies using techniques as close as possible to those used in shoe manufacture, particularly for sole attaching. The procedure described in this test method simulates the process used in the shoe factory for the production of footwear with thermoplastic moulded-on soles. The sole material is injection moulded onto the upper material, or occasionally some other adherend, using an injection moulding machine. The method is applicable to moulded-on test assemblies for the peel test, SATRA TM401, and the heat resistance test, SATRA test method TM403. The method can be used to determine the suitability for direct moulding of adherend materials (e.g. soles, uppers) with or without common adhesives, or the suitability of adhesives towards common footwear adherend materials in the plastics direct injection moulding process.


SATRA TM401 – Peel strength of adhesive bonds.
SATRA TM403 – Resistance to heat of adhesive bonds – constant peel force method (creep test).


First issued as SATRA AM2 July 1981. Revised May 1988, April 1997 (incorporating SATRA AM21). First issued as SATRA TM402B: December 2016.


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