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Test methods for usage: Tests applicable to several material types

TM6Water absorption and desorption - total immersion methodview details   
TM8Colour fastness to circular rubbingview details   
TM10Longitudinal stiffness - three point bending testview details   
TM11Pin holding strength of insole materialsview details   
TM14Resistance to scuffing by mild circular abrasionview details   
TM18Shape retention - dome plastimeter methodview details   
TM24Lastometer ball burst testview details   
TM25Vamp flex test - resistance to creasing and crackingview details   
TM28Mass per unit areaview details   
TM31Abrasion resistance - Martindale methodview details   
TM34Resistance to water penetration - Maeserview details   
TM35Static friction material testview details   
TM44Liability to wrinkleview details   
TM49Resistance to damage due to contact with a hot surfaceview details   
TM55Flexing resistance of upper materials - Bally flexometerview details   
TM80Transverse tensile strength of sheet materialsview details   
TM98Dimensional stability with changes in atmospheric humidityview details   
TM101Surface peel strength of insole materialsview details   
TM140Scuff resistance - chisel methodview details   
TM146Thermal conductivityview details   
TM147Resistance to stretching and flexingview details   
TM159Cushioning propertiesview details   
TM160Colour fastness to light from a xenon arcview details   
TM163Abrasion resistance - Taber methodview details   
TM164Universal fatigue flexingview details   
TM167Colour fastness to rubbing - crockmeter testview details   
TM170Burst strength and distension - diaphragm methodview details   
TM171Resistance to water penetration - penetrometer testview details   
TM173Colour fastness to rubbing - reciprocating methodview details   
TM177Resistance to scuffing by mild to-and-fro abrasionview details   
TM179Tear strength - wing rip methodview details   
TM277Determination of organotinsview details   
TM305Wick testview details   
TM338Salzman test - detection of contamination by oxides of nitrogenview details   
TM341Oxides of nitrogen discolouration testview details   
TM343Contact storage test for discolourationview details   
TM351Bottle incubation testview details   
TM414Preparation of hot melt bonded assemblies for peel testsview details   
TM396Screening for the presence of chlorides in solid organic materials - the Beilstein testview details   
TM401Peel strength of adhesive bondsview details   
TM402APreparation of stuck-on bonded test assemblies for adhesion testsview details   
TM402BPreparation of thermoplastic injected-on bonded test assemblies for adhesion testsview details   
TM402DPreparation of sponge rubber- moulded-on bonded test assemblies for adhesion testsview details   
TM402EPreparation of polyurethane reaction moulded-on bonded test assemblies for adhesion testsview details   
TM419Spotting tack of adhesive bondsview details   
TM403Resistance to heat of adhesive bonds - constant peel force method (creep test)view details   
TM420Resistance to heat of pressure sensitive adhesive bonds - constant shearing force methodview details   
TM422Immediate (“green”) peel strength of adhesive bondsview details   
TM435Qualitative odour absorption testview details   
TM360Method for the determination of the odour absorbing properties of insole materialsview details   
TM458 Qualitative Analysis of Silicone Contentview details   
TM460Wettability - Contact angle methodview details