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SATRA Bulletin 2021 article index

We are pleased to provide links to articles published in SATRA Bulletin during 2021.

Footwear components and materials
Abbreviations for polymeric materials – April
Do arch supports offer any benefit? – April
Machine sewn and Veldtschoen soles – April
Colour fastness of suede and nubuck leathers – May
Using footwear bottom stock – May
Understanding leather production part 1 – July/August
Designing contoured footbeds for footwear – September
Understanding leather production part 2 – October
Arch height and position – December

Footwear production
The force/slip lasting method – January
Preparation before using stuck-on soles – January
The lasting of Goodyear welted footwear – February
Attaching a Goodyear welted sole – March
The string lasting process in shoemaking – March
The attachment of insoles to lasts – April
The cementing and bonding of soles – April
Direct moulded soles in footwear production – June
Using lasers to cut designs in upper materials – September
Autoclave production of vulcanised footwear – October
Ensuring quality in footwear production – October
The correct use of textile uppers – November
How to design footwear that dries quickly – December
The development of the modern last – December

Material and product assessment
Evaluating box toes and counters – January
Ice surface slip testing – January
Testing for chromium VI in footwear and leathergoods – January
EN 407:2020 – protective gloves against thermal risks – February
Evaluating resistance to heel fatigue – February
Footwear bottom compression tests – February
Innocuousness of safety footwear – February
The standard SATRA advanced moisture management test – March
Testing for vulnerability to ozone damage – March
Impact abrasion resistance of leather in motorcyclists’ PPE – April
Ageing leather to assess chromium VI formation – May
Testing for resistance to water penetration – July/August
Testing metal shanks – July/August
Eight new substances added to the REACH Candidate List – September
Evaluating waterborne abrasive resistance – September
Testing slide fasteners – October
Accelerated ageing of footwear – November
Ensuring optimal thermal performance – November
Evaluating odours in footwear – November
Evaluating insole material strength – December

Footwear types
Assessing trail running shoes – January
Just for dancing – January
Can footwear really be waterproof? – May
The design and construction of platform shoes – June
All-moulded footwear – July/August
Comfort in safety footwear – July/August
Key issues in the production of children’s footwear – September

Business matters
Developing an in-house laboratory – March
How to manage product complaints – March
The shoe factory of the future? – March
Examining cemented sole bond failures – May
The climate challenge of footwear moisture management – June
The connection between gait and footwear design – June
The packaging and shipping of finished footwear – June
Understanding the training needs of footwear technicians – June
Learning from footwear failures part 1 – July/August
Managing complaints about upper materials – July/August
Human temperature regulation – September
Learning from footwear failures part 2 – September
Moving to water-based adhesives – October
Managing complaints about seam failures – November
Minimising and repurposing waste materials – November
Using good reference materials – November
The biodegradability and compostability of footwear – December
Fitting adults’ and children’s footwear – December
How will COP26 impact your business? – December

Publishing Data

This article was originally published on page 40 of the December 2021 issue of SATRA Bulletin.

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