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Test Method: SATRA TM183

Whole shoe cushion assessment test

March 2018


This method is intended to measure the cushioning properties of whole shoes. The method is mainly applicable to the bottom constructions of complete footwear but can also be used to assess any profiled compressible sheet material or bottom assembly.


A 'Foot' consisting of two contoured contactors is compressed into the shoe bottom under typical body weight loads. During compression, data is recorded to produce a force displacement graph, and from this graph the work done on the shoe bottom construction is calculated. The higher the calculated value of work done the better the cushioning properties of the material.


EN ISO 7500-1 - Metallic materials. Calibration and verification of static uniaxial testing machines. Tension/compression testing machines. Calibration and verification of the forcemeasuring system.
SATRA TM159 - Cushioning properties


First issued August 1997. Revised March 1998, November 2001, March 2018.


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