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Test methods for usage: Whole shoe

TM77Flexing machine - water penetration testview details   
TM92Resistance of footwear to flexingview details   
TM104Fatigue resistance of whole shoe backpartsview details   
TM113Measurement of the strength of attachment of heels to footwear and the backpart rigidity of such footwearview details   
TM115Torsional strength of top piece attachmentview details   
TM117Attachment strength of decorative bowsview details   
TM118Strength of sandal toe postsview details   
TM120Strength of attachment of straps and nailed or stapled uppersview details   
TM143Breaking force and extension at break of whole shoe top-linesview details   
TM144Friction (slip resistance) of footwear and flooringsview details   
TM147Resistance to stretching and flexingview details   
TM158Washability of footwearview details   
TM168Dimensional stability of footwear foreparts to warm humid conditionsview details   
TM183Whole shoe cushion assessment testview details   
TM190SATRA ground insulation indexview details   
TM194Longitudinal stiffness of footwearview details   
TM225Burning behaviour of slippersview details   
TM230Dynamic footwear water penetration testview details   
TM256Torsional stiffness of footwearview details   
TM404Rapid sole adhesion test - for complete footwearview details   
TM409Heat resistance/heat ageing of sole bonds in complete footwearview details   
TM411Peel strength of footwear sole bondsview details   
TM375Whole boot flex and water resistance tests for wellington bootsview details   
TM376Advanced moisture management testview details   
TM436Determination of whole shoe thermal insulation value and cold ratingview details   
TM444Water resistance of footwear - centrifuge test methodview details   
TM446Resistance to waterborne abrasive particulateview details   
TM449Test method to determine rotational slip (torque) of footwear and flooringsview details