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Test methods of the type: General and physical properties (other than strength)

TM1Thickness of leather and insole materialsview details   
TM10Longitudinal stiffness - three point bending testview details   
TM12Density of leather, leatherboard and insole materialsview details   
TM17Shrinkage temperature of leatherview details   
TM18Shape retention - dome plastimeter methodview details   
TM19Dimensional measurements of plastic heelsview details   
TM24Lastometer ball burst testview details   
TM27Thickness of non-leather flexible sheet materialsview details   
TM28Mass per unit areaview details   
TM35Static friction material testview details   
TM36Break/pipinessview details   
TM40Moulded-on rubber soles - state of cure testview details   
TM44Liability to wrinkleview details   
TM64Compression set - constant stress methodview details   
TM68Density of water absorbent cellular materialsview details   
TM72Linear densityview details   
TM73Twists per unit length of threadsview details   
TM98Dimensional stability with changes in atmospheric humidityview details   
TM102Measurement of the limit of useful extension of elasticsview details   
TM111Tendency to wrinkle of polyurethane coated fabricsview details   
TM116Hot stress cracking of patent leather finishes - Zwick methodview details   
TM121Shrinkage of insole materials on repeated wetting and dryingview details   
TM125Hardness - Rockwell ‘C’ methodview details   
TM129Determination of the cold crack temperature of leatherview details   
TM134Density of materials by volume displacementview details   
TM136Thickness/effective thickness of soling materials and sole unitsview details   
TM138Density of complete sole unitsview details   
TM142Falling mass shock absorption testview details   
TM144Friction (slip resistance) of footwear and flooringsview details   
TM146Thermal conductivityview details   
TM159Cushioning propertiesview details   
TM183Whole shoe cushion assessment testview details   
TM184Friction of insocksview details   
TM190SATRA ground insulation indexview details   
TM194Longitudinal stiffness of footwearview details   
TM195Knot slippage testview details   
TM197Shear properties of sheet materialsview details   
TM202Slip resistance of floorings - pendulum methodview details   
TM205Hardness of rubber, polyurethane and plastics - durometer methodview details   
TM206Hardness of rubber and plastics - IRHD methodview details   
TM209Dimensional stability to washingview details   
TM210Dimensional stability to dry cleaningview details   
TM211Dimensional stability to steamview details   
TM214Crease recovery of folded fabricsview details   
TM215Transparency of swimwearview details   
TM227Assessment of fibre shedding or pile lossview details   
TM235Resistance to repeated wetting and dryingview details   
TM238Shrinkage of foam materialsview details   
TM240Electrical resistance of footwear componentsview details   
TM256Torsional stiffness of footwearview details   
TM271Determination of blocking resistance of coated materialsview details   
TM279Accelerated conditioning procedure for leatherview details   
TM398Extraction of threadsview details   
TM437Glove ergonomics: finger & thumb ‘pinch grip’view details   
TM438Glove ergonomics: whole hand gripview details   
TM444Water resistance of footwear - centrifuge test methodview details   
TM449Test method to determine rotational slip (torque) of footwear and flooringsview details   
TM360Method for the determination of the odour absorbing properties of insole materialsview details